Energy out of Oil 

The earth is warming up. 
The crust (or  skin) is thinning. 
The temperature differences are increasing. 
Static potentials are increasing

More thunder.....
More forest fire....
More desert forming....

Please, Let us plant trees to preserve  life!

It's simple, really. The last millennium, especially the last century,
we have rid the world of ancient forests.
Trees live on CO2 that we produce; breathing, driving a car,
warming our house,  using electric appliances etc.
We need to restore this balance or our earth
is doomed to become a very hot desert.
Please use  your mind to overcome this horror.
If you value life in any way.
Es specially if you have offspring.
Think of trees as "the lungs of the earth".
There's a great resemblance.
It's a good idea to plant at least two tree's
for every one you chop or has been chopped.
Or, just plant as many as you can.

Love shall prevail.

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